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JMD on NBN External Powers and the Gulf Monarchies

JONATHAN FULTON AND LI-CHEN SIM, EDS. External Powers and the Gulf Monarchies ROUTLEDGE 2018 December 28, 2018 James M. Dorsey
Jonathan Fulton and Li-Chen Sim’s edited volume, External Powers and the Gulf Monarchies(Routledge, 2018) is a timely contribution to understanding the increasingly diversified relations between the Gulf’s six oil-rich monarchies and external powers. Traditionally reliant on the United States for their security, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain have become far more assertive in the wake of the 2011 popular Arab revolts and mounting doubts about the reliability of the United States. The newly found assertiveness of the Gulf states, despite the fact that they remain largely dependent for their security on the United States, have forged closer ties with a host of external powers, including China, Russia, India, Turkey, Brazil, Japan and South Korea. Coupled with shifts in the oil market as the United States emerges as the world’s larg…

JMD on ACJS: US’s Iran Sanctions: Mixed Prospects and a Beyond-SWIFT Question

US’s Iran Sanctions: Mixed Prospects and a Beyond-SWIFT Question The jury is out on the likely effectiveness of crippling sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States aimed altering Tehran’s regional policy. Similarly, the fate of the 2015 agreement that curbed Iran’s nuclear agreement hangs in the balance.
Dr. James M. Dorsey
Thursday, 27 December 2018 10:04 GMT
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