The Global Enduring Disorder: A conversation with Jason Pack

  By James M. Dorsey The Turbulent World with James M. Dorsey depends on the support of its readers. If you believe that the column and podcast add value to your understanding and that of the broader public, please consider becoming a paid subscriber by clicking on the subscription button at and choosing one of the subscription options. Thank you. This is a transcript of the podcast. To watch a video version of this story on YouTube please click  here. An audio podcast is available on Soundcloud. James M. Dorsey ( 00:06 ): Hi, and welcome to the Turbulent World with me, James M. Dorsey, as your host. It's a no-brainer to suggest that we live in an increasingly polarised world. Geopolitics are polarised, so are societies. Polarisation marks the transition from a unipolar world dominated by the United States to a bipolar world with China, or more likely a tripolar world that includes India, in which middle powers assert themselves m