Zamalek Board Refuses Resignation of its Chairman

The board of storied but embattled Cairo soccer club Al Zamalek SC has rejected the resignation of its chairman, Galal Ibrahim, despite mounting criticism of his financial management, according to Egyptian soccer website

Ibrahim had tendered his resignation on Sunday against the backdrop of Zamalek battling the financial fallout of the political crisis in Egypt that last month forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign after 30 years in office.

The board’s refusal to let Ibrahim go was bolstered by its failure to respond so far to demands for the resignations of another prominent board member, Ibrahim Hassan, and his brother, Hossam Hassan, the club’s coach, because of their public support for Mubarak.

Fans, many of whom played a key role in the protests that toppled Mubarak, have been demanding that the Hassan brothers relinquish their posts.

The fans are also at odds with the board over calls for a capping of the salaries of players and coaches.
Galal Ibrahim’s resignation was prompted by criticism of his management by disgruntled club employees. Ibrahim was appointed temporarily as chairman in September of last year.


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