Blatter would Beat Bin Hammam on Twitter in FIFA Presidential Election

If Twitter is a yardstick, FIFA president Sepp Blatter would defeat hands down a challenge from Asian Football Confederation chairman Mohamed Bin Hammam in this year’s FIFA presidential election.

Bin Hammam, a Qatari national who has repeatedly asserted that a change of guard in FIFA’s leadership is needed to improve the world soccer body’s image tarnished by multiple allegations of corruption, has yet to announce his candidacy for the FIFA presidency. He has until April 1 to do so.

Despite regular hints that he may challenge Blatter, Bin Hammam has done little public campaigning to position himself and improve his chances. In a recent tweet, Bin Hammam dangled his possible candidacy, saying: “Competition is the best way to make the organisation vibrant and alive. Competition is good for the organisation, whether president or any other posts."

World Football Insider noted that Bin Hammam has only 148 followers who see his tweets compared to Blatter’s 118, 580.


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