Iconic Turkish Player Hakan Sukur Runs for Parliament on Islamist Ticket

Legendary Turkish soccer player Hakan Sukur will run for parliament on the ticket of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Democratic Party (AKP) in elections scheduled for June 12.

By recuiting Sukur, an iconic player, and other celebrities as well as increasing the number of women running for parliament, Erdogan hopes to secure a sufficient majority for further changes to Turkey’s constitution.

Sukur last year supported Erdogan’s referendum that approved initial changes to the 1980 constitution drafted under military rule.

“The new elected assembly will undertake a historical duty, to draft a new civil constitution, and I hope that you will be key actors in this historical process,” Aziz Babuşcu, the chairman of AKP’s Istanbul Branch said introducing AKP candidates.

Speaking to journalists, Sukur said that “Turkey has experienced a tremendous development and I wanted to be a part of this progress and transformation, too. I love my country and I am part of a party that has gained large support.” 


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