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James Dorsey - Jan 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

James Dorsey - Jan 2013
James Dorsey of Senior Fellow at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies
in Singapore makes his second appearance on the show to help us break down 
the situation after renewed violence erupted in the wake of a number of death 
sentences handed down from the Egyptian judiciary in response to the incident at 
Port Said. The accused Al-Masry fans were charged in the deaths of 74 fans from 
Al-Ahly soccer club during a match in Port Said last February, a day after the two 
year anniversary of the revolution that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak. 
James provides the kind of deep dive analysis and insight into this tragedy, the 
challenges and objectives of a post-revolutionary government struggling to reform 
its institutions and how long-standing perceptions both in terms of that judiciary 
and the security forces help shape public opinion and deep seated internal turmoil 
based on decades of repression. We examine how the issues in Egypt will serve as 
a series of challenges for the Morsi government and what some of the options may 
be while also being cognizant of the prejudices and historical comparisons with 
another Muslim country in Turkey where actual reform and serious change took not 
years, but decades itself. We also examine the concept of what dignity looks like for 
the ultras and protesters in the street, how perception can only be altered after 
many deeds over long period of time and why Morsi will have some key domestic 
choices and international relationships to manage in the coming months. These 
measures would seem to include new legislation that would enforce independence of 
public prosecutors and separate them from investigative authorities, an independent 
commission to investigate cases of death and serious injury caused by police and 
security forces, while regulating the use of force and firearms in a nation left largely
broken on the heels of revolution. We close on the matter of examining what steps
Morsi and the government could do to avert further riots and demonstrations on 
March 9th, when the sentencing of another 54 defendants is handed down, including 
the former officers. As always, there are few that can provide the level of context 
and perspective that James Dorsey can, so if you want to seriously understand the 
ramifications inside the country, this is a serious subject matter expert with some 
fabulous insight.

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