After World Cup 2022, Qatar wins 2015 World Handball Championship

Barely two months after winning the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar solidified its emerging position as a global sports hub by snagging the hosting of the 2015 handball world championships.

In doing so, Qatar fared better at the International Handball Federation in Malmo, Sweden, winning the hosting of both the men’s and women’s tournament than it did in the current championship. Qatar failed to qualify for the semi finals.

Qatar beat out defending Olympic, European and world champs France as well as Norway and Poland. The Gulf region has never before hosted a handball world championship.

Although a smaller competition than the World Cup, the world's biggest sporting event, successful organization of the handball competition will enhance confidence in the tiny Gulf state's ability to host the World Cup.

Last month's awarding by FIFA of the World Cup to Qatar sparked criticism because of its scorching summer heat, its small fan base as a result of a small population and questions about the integrity of its campaign to win the bid.


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